About Me

About Me

Born with an innate love for arts, I've sought many ways to express myself. Painting and photography were always my top two choices for channeling my energy but eventually, photography won me over.

I got my first analogue camera in my early teens. Joined a photography group and spend countless hours exploring areas for that unique shot, discussing with fellow enthusiasts and developing photos in my dark room. These are some of my most cherished moments before my introduction into the world of digital photography.

I am deeply in love with the way I can communicate a thousand words for each instant, for each click.

Armed with that love, I started my professional career back in 2014, creating unforgettable memories from your most precious moments.

Your trust, smile and satisfaction stimulate me to go further and expand my limits. Let’s do this together.

Dimos Bablis
Avid Photographer – Art lover

Alexandroupoli, Greece