Selina & Ioannis (click for more)

Selina & Ioannis (click for more)

Naxos island is made for Love!

Naxos is the island of Dionysus,  the god of fertility and libido, festivities, food, wine, pleasure, and primal energy of life. Dionysus seduces all  mythology lovers.  He fell in love with Ariadne, the daughter of the rich Cretan king Minos and married her. His renowned mythical love story of Ariadne provides a perfect backdrop for getting married on Naxos island and spending your honeymoon here in this relaxing and loving atmosphere where you will feel like a king and goddess.

Bride: @selinaki8411
Groom: @john.span

The amazing vendors:
Photographer: @bablis_wedding_photography
Assistant photographer: @vasilias_wedding_moments
Videographer: @steveoikonomou
Bridal shoes: @fardoulisshoes
Groom shoes: @tsakirismallas
Wedding Dress: @ouraniakay_
Wedding planning:
Jewelry: @kakurujewelry @prigipo
Venue: @caya_beach_naxos
Florals: @valettas_flowers
Hair styling: @thaleia_kommotirio
Makeup: @dv__mua
Brides nails:
Music: Konstantinos Tsivos


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